03 Jul 2019

Australian architects deliver Indiana design concepts for public input

Community ideas and architectural vision have been combined in four new design concepts for the Indiana site at Perth’s Cottesloe Beach.

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Photo Credit: Neal Pritchard Photography via Getty Images.

Minderoo Group is in the process of acquiring the Indiana and has commenced a design process to explore the potential to reimagine the site for the benefit of all West Australians.

The design concepts provide a fresh perspective on the potential of this beachfront site.

The process to date

In stage one of the design process, the community was asked to submit ideas for the site, which were provided to 11 invited Australian architecture firms.

The suggestions from community included a beach side pool, an arts and culture hub and the desire for a greater variety of food and beverage offerings that cater to all tastes and budgets. Community feedback emphasised the need for further activation of the site, but also the importance of retaining Cottesloe Beach’s existing culture.

In this second stage, the four finalists selected by the jury, which were announced last month, present their ideas for further community input.

The architects were provided the freedom to determine whether retaining the existing building or presenting a new concept best allowed them to incorporate the community’s ideas. All finalists recommended replacing the existing structure, on the basis a new building would allow facilities and amenities to be provided which are commensurate with the aspirations of the community.

The retention of the existing building would constrain what could be provided in terms of facilities and amenities and limit the site’s future capacity for community benefit.

Despite this, keeping the existing façade and refitting the building remains an option Minderoo Group is open to considering and features as part of the online community feedback process.

Call for community input

Geoffrey London, renowned West Australian architect and chair of the jury reviewing the concepts, said the four submissions creatively reflected the community response.

“The brief for this design process was deliberately left quite open to encourage creativity and the inclusion of public input,” Mr London said. “As a result, we have great variety in these final four concepts, which exhibit a considered relationship with Cottesloe’s unique cultural heritage and reflect the ideas received from the community in different ways.

“The main goal the architects were set was to reimagine the space for optimum community benefit, ensuring the site is well utilised and activated. As part of this, it appears that each firm has determined the current Indiana building does not offer the best use of space or easily facilitate the brief, which includes the community’s ideas.

“These design concepts seek to open and activate the Indiana site and provide a destination that services locals, appeals to visitors and brings people together.

“I support Minderoo Group’s intention to continue to engage with and listen to the community to ensure any change to the Indiana site meets community expectations. I hope the community embraces this process, engages with the concepts and provides feedback.”

Minderoo Group is working with Cottesloe Surf Life Saving Club, which houses its boatshed in the base of the Indiana building, to ensure its needs are facilitated.

Cottesloe SLSC President Mike Franz said: “The Cottesloe Surf Life Saving Club loves Cott Beach and has called it home since 1909. There is potential for a reimagined Indiana to benefit the Club, bring increased tourism opportunities to Cottesloe, and provide a vibrant space for the community to come together. The Club is excited to be part of the conversation and looks forward to seeing what evolves.”

Next steps

Further details and images of each design concept are available on the Minderoo Group website. Minderoo Group welcomes feedback on all concepts, including refitting the existing building.

Once community feedback has been received, the jury will consider the design concepts in conjunction with the public feedback and determine a way forward.

Any proposal will continue to be shaped as it is refined and progressed through the planning approvals process, with continued opportunity for community consultation and input.

Please note that as of 13 May 2020, Minderoo Group formally changed its name to Tattarang.

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