24 Nov 2021

Tattarang invests in Australian dark fibre innovator FibreconX

Tattarang is pleased to announce it has taken a strategic investment stake in Australian dark fibre innovator FibreconX.

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Founded in 2019, FibreconX is a unique high-capacity fibre infrastructure provider in the Australian market and is the first telecommunications company to build a dedicated duct and dark fibre network that connects all major data centres in Sydney.

Specialising in dark fibre only, FibreconX has delivered a network that provides customers access to dark fibre with simple pricing, guaranteed capacity and performance to offer certainty for future growth demands, enabling customers to productise genuine infrastructure to meet the growth demands of digital markets.

FibreconX utilises its own operating platform Fusion, delivering pure automation in configuring, quoting and provisioning the services between data centres within 40 seconds. Provisioning similar services in the past has traditionally been a month’s long process.

By leveraging its dedicated data centre core duct network, FibreconX enables high capacity and low latency connections for customers through dedicated connections over the shortest distance between data centres.

In 2021, FibreconX completed construction of its Sydney dark fibre network connecting 32 data centres to service the growing demand for high capacity, direct interconnections between data centres.

FibreconX is already delivering significant large-scale fibre solutions for customers with a unique service offering that provides network owners with a singular commitment to supporting their dark fibre services, giving them complete control of their networked environment.

Tattarang Chief Investment Officer, John Hartman, said with further expansion of FibreconX’s dedicated dark fibre network planned, the company is well placed to meet future demand for high-capacity fibre from emerging digital markets.

“Fibre infrastructure is a key driver for the continued digitisation of the Australian economy, and we believe FibreconX is ideally positioned to capitalise on growing demand for reliable, flexible and secure data and connection services in Australia,” Mr Hartman said.

FibreconX CEO, Mark Rafferty, welcomed Tattarang’s investment, saying the investment is ideally timed as the company targets its next phase of growth in Melbourne and Brisbane for delivery by 2022.

“We are excited to be delivering this infrastructure and fibre services to the market where there has been a lack of specialisation and availability for our partners. We believe Australian cities can be the centres of tomorrow’s global digital economy and we are proud to be leading the delivery of the critical building blocks that will create this future,” Mr Rafferty said.

“By providing high-capacity, data centred dedicated dark fibre services at a leading price point, we are enabling our partners and multinational technology companies to deliver higher quality services to customers and assisting them meet the rapidly increased data demands of our regions.”

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