13 Jun 2020

SFM Marine – the new name in premier maritime services and investment

Northport Marine Services will now be known as SFM Marine as part of a rebrand which will see the company embark on a new era of expansion.

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Photo Credit: Tina Mash.

Part of Andrew and Nicola Forrest’s private company Tattarang, SFM Marine will spearhead a range of marine investments and projects.

The new name pays homage to the shortfin mako (SFM), believed to be the fastest shark in the ocean.

Streamlined yet powerful, the shortfin mako is distinctive in its agility and boldness, while being adept at navigating the most challenging environments on the planet.

The shortfin mako can travel distances of up to 20,000 km per year and reach speeds of up to 70 km/h.

“In re-branding the business, we thought speed and mobility – not to mention being bold – were admirable qualities to aspire to,” Tattarang chief investment officer John Hartman said.

“The name also acknowledges Andrew Forrest’s passion for the ocean and his crusade to protect endangered species, like the shortfin mako – a primary focus of his PhD.”

Among the earliest investments are SFM Marine’s two strategically located marine bases at North Fremantle and Henderson, Western Australia. But that is just the beginning, according to SFM Marine General Manager Matthew Neal.

“We’re open for business and looking at a diverse range of investment opportunities and partnering on large scale projects,” he said. “As one of Australia’s premier marine companies, our offering also covers new vessel construction, engineering and the full scope of support services.

“These services are delivered through two well established and highly regarded marine support bases in Northport (North Fremantle) and Henderson.”

Mr Neal said SFM Marine was a trusted provider of marine services and support. “We pride ourselves on personalised service and employing the highest quality professionals across the maritime sector,” he said.

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