07 Feb 2020

Indiana destined to be a place for everyone

Minderoo Group is taking time to consider its next steps for the Indiana site.

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Photo Credit: Eliza Rogers.

Minderoo Group is taking additional time to consider the future of the Indiana site at Cottesloe, to ensure the best possible outcome for the community.

Late last year, Minderoo Group co-founders Andrew and Nicola Forrest deliberated with an expert jury, to consider two new designs for the site, by Kerry Hill Architects (KHA) and Durbach Block Jaggers (DBJ).

KHA and DBJ, the two finalists in an 11 firm design process, reimagined the Indiana site based on suggestions from the community. Both designs included a beach-side pool, increased hospitality offerings and proposed a significant upgrade to the site’s amenity.

A third alternative would refurbish the existing building.

After an extensive period of community consultation on the three options – involving eight pop-up stalls and an online survey – the public feedback was varied and did not align with the jury’s decision: 

  • 53 per cent of respondents preferred KHA’s design;
  • 10 per cent favoured DBJ; and 
  • 37 per cent voted to keep the existing building. 

Under the leadership of renowned Australian architect, Geoffrey London, the competition jury determined east-coast firm Durboch Block Jaggers (DBJ) had best met the design brief and provided the most “memorable reimagining of the site.”

Minderoo Group congratulates DBJ on its creative interpretation of the brief and unique reimagining of the site. However, at this stage the Group is exploring other redevelopment options. 

“The community’s level of engagement with this project has been wonderful,” Mrs Forrest said.

“We want to provide an Indiana all Western Australians can be proud of, but we also want to significantly improve the amenity for everyone visiting Cottesloe Beach.

“The Indiana site is important to all Western Australians. We want to consider the community feedback and explore a design that we’re confident will be an improvement to the current site,” Mrs Forrest said.

Minderoo Group ran eight community consultation sessions across Perth, and although feedback was mixed, the overwhelming majority of attendees agreed the site was in need of an upgrade. There was also some concern around how either of the new designs would integrate with the surrounding landscape.

Once Minderoo Group determines a way forward, it will engage with the community further. The Group hopes to begin preliminary planning discussions with the Town of Cottesloe in coming months.

While Minderoo Group considers its next steps, it has activated the site by subleasing the Cott Beach Kiosk, which is open every day from 6:45AM over the summer.

Please note that as of 13 May 2020, Minderoo Group formally changed its name to Tattarang.

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