01 Aug 2019

Community feedback favours change at Indiana

The Indiana redesign competition jury has announced two preferred new designs for the Cottesloe site.

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Photo Credit: Walter Bibikow via Getty Images.

The Indiana redesign competition jury has announced public favourites Kerry Hill Architects with Aspect Studios and Dangar Barin Smith (KHA) and Durbach Block Jaggers Architects with OHLO Studio and ASPECT Studios (DBJ) as its preferred options for the Indiana site.

KHA and DBJ’s proposals were the most popular of the new designs with the public and were judged by the jury as the best interpretations of the competition’s selection criteria. Keeping the existing building remains an option.

KHA and DBJ have been asked to provide new architectural renders and additional supporting documentation which expand on their proposals for the site. The architects will be making improvements to their submissions based on the judges’ feedback and the public’s suggestions.

The jury, made up of Australian architects Geoffrey London, Shelley Penn and Peter Mould and Minderoo Group directors Andrew and Nicola Forrest, has determined this new information is necessary before a winner can be chosen.

Minderoo Group is in the process of acquiring the Indiana and ran a community-consultation process to collect public feedback on the future of the Cottesloe site.

Four finalists (including KHA and DBJ) provided totally new designs for the Indiana site. Each proposal included a beachside pool, public areas and facilities and improved hospitality offerings.  Keeping the existing façade of the building was also an option, however, the additional amenity offered by a refit would be limited.

The public responded enthusiastically, with over 1300 people providing feedback. Over 75 per cent called for one of the four new design concepts, with around 25 per cent voting to keep the existing building. Of the four new design options for the site, KHA and DBJ ranked first and second.

This public consultation period has now closed.

Minderoo Group’s chief investment officer John Hartman said he was pleased with the number of responses.

“Minderoo Group is thrilled that over 75 per cent of community respondents favour a new building at the Indiana site,” Mr Hartman said.

“When considering the future of the beautiful Cottesloe site, the overwhelming majority of people indicated a redesign was their preference, with two designs standing out.”

“The jury is putting the architects through their paces, calling on the two shortlisted candidates to refine their concepts even further. This will trigger another round of public feedback, following which the shortlisted designs will be considered alongside the existing building. Minderoo Group is pleased so many people have provided feedback and we look forward to receiving more input from the community as we finalise this design process and enter formal planning.”

In late August, once the additional architectural renders have been received, Minderoo Group will again be seeking public feedback.

Minderoo will combine both the new renders and the previous images and information from KHA and DBJ and display them for the community.

This next round of feedback will then be collected and considered. Minderoo Group and the jury hope to announce the competition winner in October. Once a winner is decided, Minderoo Group will then begin work on the planning process with the Town of Cottesloe. This will involve further community consultation.

Please note that as of 13 May 2020, Minderoo Group formally changed its name to Tattarang.  

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